A New Future for Dental Brushes – New York, NY

The Aesthetic Advantage believes in delivering updates on new technology to our readers. As you can image, today everyone is connected. From your smartphone, to your your car, everything has an “app” or a way to make it more efficient or easier to use. One of the last places where you are not connected is the bathroom, but not for long. Beam Technologies has developed a toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity. The toothbrush looks similar to a a manual brush, but it comes with built-in sensors that monitor the user’s brushing habits. Those sensors then transmit the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and get uploaded to the Beam Technologies application. The Beam Technologies application will then create your own personalized “brushing” profile according to recorded brushing length and frequency. Beam Goals, a goal setting feature that comes included in the Beam Technologies application, will allow users to set specific brushing goals, send profiles to their dentist, monitor brush head’s usage and will even play a specified song while brushing. Beam Technologies hopes to introduce this product to the public by summer 2012.