Live Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum | New York

aestheticPlease join us at the Aesthetic Advantage Live Hands-on Continuum this spring where you can either observe or participate hands-on with a patient. This extensive program focuses on both comprehensive aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

Each participant will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about comprehensive and restorative cases; become more efficient in treatment planning and presentation, as well as gaining the skills needed to preform top-notch dentistry. Top it off, you’ll be able to perform cases with increased confidence.

During the Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum, participating doctors are able to listen to many lectures. Some of the lectures include the following:

  • Step-by Step Prep Techniques
  • Smile Design Principle
  • Impression and Cementation Techniques
  • Patients Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Material Selection
  • Lab Communication Skills
  • Occlusion
  • Advanced Cases
  • Marketing

Spring Course Dates:

  • April 8-9 and May 20-21

The first part of the Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum program is 4 days spread over two weekends. On the first clinic day of the program, participants may bring a patient and prep a live case or participate without a patient and observe over the shoulder up to 10- to 15 cases being prepped and temporized.

One month later, each participant will return and listen to a lecture series. The following day participants will seat their clinic cases. The participants who chose to observe will watch over the shoulder 10-15 cases being inserted.

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