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Dental treatmentThere are many ways to improve your practice and aesthetic dentistry skills, and one of the many ways is dental school continuums. If you are considering continuing your dental education in aesthetic dentistry, Aesthetic Advantage may be the perfect dental continuum for you.

Aesthetic Advantage is a premiere hands-on dental continuum, which was created and is currently lead by one of the founding fathers of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Larry Rosenthal.  To see what makes Aesthetic Advantage far different from any other dental continuums, be sure to click the following link to see what our doctors have to say:


Click Here to See What Our Doctors Have To Say about Aesthetic Advantage.


Not only will our dental continuum broaden your level of dental technique, but it will also allow you to meet with professionals that want to help aid in your success! Our classes do fill up rather quickly, so avoid waiting any longer and register today.

If you’re interested in furthering your career in aesthetic dentistry while also improving your practice, contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today! Or visit our website at www.aestheticadvantage.com for additional information regarding the extensive program we offer.  

Aesthetic Advantage proudly serves New York, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina, North Carolina and all surrounding areas.