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Dental Continuum

We, as dental professionals, understand that patients aren’t the most apt to jump into the dental chair more than they have to. Not only to dodge the idea of dental pain, but because restoration procedures can last more than one appointment. Thankfully, we have considered these issues and made developments to the technology to address their concerns.

Over the years, the increase in computer technologies and CAD/CAM designs have be introduced to restorative dentists. These new technologies have helped modernize fabrication protocols, reduced the patients chair time and also reduced laboratory costs.

By taking advantage of these advancements in CAD/CAM and robotic technologies it has made final abutment fabrications and final CAD/CAM restorations more predictable for clinicians. Anterior restorations now can be fabricated in one visit, as where before it took many visits to match the shade characteristics. Furthermore, the use of this technology has enhanced the education experience of newly trained professionals.

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