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Steps in Creating a Beautiful Smile | New York, NY

The single most important factor in creating a beautiful smile is the ability to visualize the final result before you begin. Laboratory communication, including photographs and models of the approved temporaries, is key to success. A thorough lab prescription detailing shade, texture, central length, incisal translucency, and any other pertinent information helps to facilitate a predictable result. To develop properly proportioned teeth, it is essential to properly address many characteristics, such as contours, shade, size and length of centrals, phonetics, and occlusion. This leads to a key artistic technique—the art of recontouring—with both temporaries and, if necessary, the final restorations.

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Dental Continuing Education with Aesthetic Advantage | New York, NY


Recently, careers and schooling have been highly competitive and only those who earn credit from prestigious programs and schools succeed.

Aesthetic Advantage has earned its reputation through the variety of different programs and classes offered. With hands-on dental experience Aesthetic Advantage offers dental continuing education that will give you the extra strength to your resume and level of professionalism.

Dental Continuing Education will not only broaden your level of dental technique but will allow you to meet the experts that will aid in your success. Avoid waiting any longer because classes fill up quickly!

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