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Signs and Symptoms of Future Health Issues | New York, NY

Because our goal is to be the best dental practitioners we can be, it is important to stay on top of the signs and symptoms our patients display when they come in for their regular check-ups. Knowing what to look for will not only save a patient from future dental issues but can also come into play with their overall health. Our mouth the first line of defense against lots of bacteria entering our bodies that can lead to other health issues, so keep these signs and symptoms in mind while examining your patients. Understanding these subtle clues will not only make you a great dental practitioner, but will also build a long-lasting trust with your patients:

  • Heart disease. Bright red or purple gums.
  • Type 2 diabetes. Bleeding gums sensitive to touch without noticeable plaque.
  • Kidney disease. Breath has sweet ammonia-like smell.
  • Acid reflux. Worn down teeth where acid settles while in the sleeping position.
  • Oral cancer. Gums and oral tissues with white spots lasting at least two weeks.
  • Leukemia. Bright red and swollen gums; differentiated from diabetes via blood test.
  • Osteoporosis. Black spots that denote air pockets and dead bone.
  • Stress. Cracked teeth or gums that have contracted away from teeth.
  • Sleep apnea. Swollen gums and tongue in areas which air passes through.
  • Pregnancy. Swollen gums could imply hormonal changes.
  • Bulimia. Paper-thin front teeth and worn enamel; affects different teeth than acid reflux.

As you can see, the mouth can display ailments are not even related to the mouth or mouth areas. Early detection of multiple diseases and health problems can often be life-saving.

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Resolve to Expand Your Knowledge in the New Year | Northridge Dentist

With the new year comes new resolutions. Some of us improve our health, some our lifestyle – why not try to improve your knowledge by going back to school? It’s never too late. No matter the experience you’ve had with school in the past, advancing our knowledge is something we all strive to do. When it comes to continuing our education, there are many ways we can now learn. Aesthetic Advantage offers a variety of continuing dental courses to expand your dental repertoire, including hands-on dental courses. You may be asking yourself – why choose hands-on courses, as opposed to the more traditional way of learning? The professionals of Aesthetic Advantage list the following advantage of hands-on dental courses:

  • Individuals who learn in a hands-on learning environment are more likely to remember the material better, making your success rate a lot higher.
  • Studies show that hands-on courses motivate individuals to actively engage in their learning and improve their skills, as opposed to relying on the written word or a lecture.
  • Hands-on dental courses allow individuals to discuss any misconceptions they have on the material, providing people with the right guidance in order to be successful in all fields of dentistry.

Aesthetic Advantage emphasizes the importance of hands on dental courses because of the many advantages they offer, compared to a more traditional classroom setting. If you are looking for a way to improve your life by continuing your education in the new year, further your knowledge and expertise of by enrolling in Aesthetic Advantage courses today.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience hands-on dental courses to further your education in the dental field. Improve your practice by learning new dental techniques through the dental courses by Dr. Larry Rosenthal. Call Aesthetic Advantage in New York, NY at 212-794-3552. Visit the website to learn more at www.aestheticadvantage.com.

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Continuing Your Dental Education? Try Us.

Here at Aesthetic Advantage’s Aesthetic and Restorative Dental Continuum you will learn an infinite amount of knowledge about aesthetic and restorative dentistry, taking home valuable real-world techniques that you can put to use in your own practice. During the three two-weekend program, we will be presenting and reviewing up about 10 to 15 restorative/aesthetic combination cases each weekend. The following is a list of procedures you will learn:

  • Anterior prep design and technique
  • Principles of smile design and its many challenges
  • The art and science of facial aesthetics and how it is the blueprint to your success
  • Temporization techniques chair-side utilizing the diagnostic wax-up
  • How to communicate with your laboratory for a more predictable result
  • Review of materials and new techniques that will save you time chair-side
  • Review of cementation techniques step-by-step using the rapid cementation technique
  • Review of perio-aesthetics, implants cases in the anterior zone and combination porcelain cases
  • Review of occlusion for function to assure a lasting result
  • Participate in our various workshops on portrait photography, occlusion, aesthetic recontouring
  • One-on-one discussion with Dr. Rosenthal on difficult cases from your practice
  • Periodontal aesthetics and tissue engineering
  • Digital photography hands-on workshop
  • Treatment planning and case presentation discussions
  • Participate in our unique marketing panel to fine-tune your practice marketing philosophy
  • Review of marketing philosophies that have worked for our instructors

Learn new and cutting-edge procedures and techniques from top dentists and speakers. You will become part of our elite group of talented and successful dentists who have become more excited and passionate about dentistry.

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Aesthetic Advantage: The Next Step

Dental ContinuumDo you feel as though your practice has reached its peak? Are you bored with your dental techniques and need a change in your routine? If so, the Dental College at New York University College of Dentistry’s State of the Art Rosenthal Institute is the perfect opportunity to provide you and your team with a completely unique outlook on dentistry. The dental college in New York, not only allows individuals to experience hands on dental courses, but arranges for the most professional guest speakers and mentors to advise individuals on various aspects of dentistry.

Senior Instructor Dr. Alvin W. Neff states, “Dr. Larry Rosenthal transformed my practice from average to excellent by implementing the principles he teaches. As a result, my Northwest Arkansas practice is a very successful general dentistry practice which focuses on restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Having personally attended over 2,000 hours of continuing education, I can tell you that Dr. Larry Rosenthal’s seminars, year after year, are the most inspiring and educational of any offered in our profession. He takes great pride in helping others achieve success. This is the true example of a leader. I have met dentists from all over the world at his seminars. The high caliber of dentists who come from all corners of the earth to hear Dr. Larry Rosenthal and to learn about his techniques consistently impresses me.”

Dr. Alvin W. Neff is one of the many individuals who has benefited from the dental college courses offered by Aesthetic Advantage. If you are looking for a way to enhance your professionalism, consider enrolling today.

Contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register for our courses today or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com to learn more about health issues affected by oral health.

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Program III Masters Group

Aesthetic CollageIf there is anything we here at the Rosenthal Institute know, it’s that continuing your education is something we never stop doing. Aesthetic Advantage offers many programs to further your dental education, ending with Program 3: Masters Group. This level builds upon the concepts and techniques learned in Levels I and II, and will help place you at the pinnacle of your profession. Master the technique and philosophy of smile design. This course will focus on more individual attention and smaller groups—this elite and exclusive group is limited to five participants. We will have small workshops on occlusion, working on models with face bows, and you will participate in an advanced hands-on workshop on aesthetic recontouring on models. You will have the opportunity to wax up your own case and make your temporaries chair-side. You will work on more advanced cases in clinic. This is targeted toward a more individual learning experience in a much smaller setting at a more advanced pace. You will prep and cement an advanced case in clinic alongside an instructor. Participate in our marketing panel discussion and bring your practice questions in front of our group of talented dental professionals for resolution.

The prerequisites are very simple. Once you’ve completed programs I & II, you have qualified to enroll in the Masters Group. Only limited to five doctors a session, you will be assigned an instructor trained by Dr. Rosenthal to help you alongside your procedures. Feel free to ask about any questions you may have in order to be able to provide your patient with the most painless, beautifully aesthetic result. In addition, this program will allow each participant to have the opportunity to listen to many lectures and take part in hands-on learning techniques regarding Dr. Rosenthal’s Philosophy and Technique.

With extensive lectures and hands-on dental experience, Aesthetic Advantage offers continued dental education that will add extra strength to your resume and level of professionalism. Not only will our dental continuum program broaden your level of dental technique, but will also allow you to meet experts that may help aid in your success.

This program is limited to 5 doctors, so avoid waiting any longer and register. Our classes fill up quickly. Contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com to learn more about our extensive hands-on programs.

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