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Steps in Creating a Beautiful Smile | New York, NY

The single most important factor in creating a beautiful smile is the ability to visualize the final result before you begin. Laboratory communication, including photographs and models of the approved temporaries, is key to success. A thorough lab prescription detailing shade, texture, central length, incisal translucency, and any other pertinent information helps to facilitate a predictable result. To develop properly proportioned teeth, it is essential to properly address many characteristics, such as contours, shade, size and length of centrals, phonetics, and occlusion. This leads to a key artistic technique—the art of recontouring—with both temporaries and, if necessary, the final restorations.

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Get a Head Start on the Competition | New York, NY

Are you looking to go back to school to hone your dental skills? After all, the world is constantly changing and if we don’t keep up, we can be left behind. Many are finding themselves back in school to expand their current skillset and delve into the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Some are deciding to change their career path completely and focus on a new industry. And this is where Aesthetic Advantage comes in…

Of the many courses offered at Aesthetic Advantage, the Observer Head Start Program can give you the step up needed to get your career started. The program is designed to provide dental school graduates an opportunity in continuing education. Participants will be able to audit the continuum (at half the cost of the normal tuition), making it an ideal choice for those starting up again.

You will be able to listen to lectures and observe our clinic session where up to 15 live cases will be prepared, temporized and seated the following session. This option will also allow you to see if our Aesthetic Program and philosophy is right for your practice, making it a win-win for everyone that may not be sure if it’s the way they want to go.

The Observer Head Start Program is definitely an affordable way for up and coming dentists to have the chance to jump start their careers. It is also important to note that only the first 10 applicants are accepted into each course, so don’t delay in enrolling!

If you are interested in dental college courses, contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today! Or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com for additional information.

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Aesthetic Advantage Hands-On Courses: Level One

ThinkstockPhotos-464323669Aesthetic Advantage offers a variety of dental continuing courses, including hands-on dental courses. The professionals of Aesthetic Advantage list the following advantage of hands-on dental courses:

  • Individuals who learn in a hands-on learning environment are more likely to remember the material better.
  • Studies show that hands on courses motivate individual to actively engage in their learning and improve their skills.
  • Hands on dental courses allow individuals to discuss any misconceptions they have on the material, providing people with the right guidance in order to be successful in all fields of dentistry.

The Rosenthal Aesthetic hands on course is a class designed to give you day to day scenarios in which you will be dealing with aesthetic procedures as a dentist. This course is designed to give you hands on interaction with whomever you’d like to bring along as your patient. If you don’t want to bring a patient, you don’t have to and you only have to pay half of the tuition. There are two other levels that follow this course and it is encouraged that you take all three of them.

On our first day you will sit in on lectures on prep techniques, smile design principles, cementation techniques, patient management treatment planning, lab communication for a more predictable result, material selection and more. You may bring a patient and prep a live case or you will be able to audit (observe over the shoulder) up to 10-15 cases being prepped and inserted at this course, as well on clinic day. You will be able to return one month later to sit in on lectures regarding cementation, occlusion, advanced cases and marketing, then go to clinic the following day to observe 10-15 cases being inserted.

Aesthetic Advantage emphasizes the importance of hands on dental courses because of the many advantages they offer compared to a traditional classroom setting. If you are looking for a way to further your knowledge and expertise regarding dental education call Aesthetic Advantage today.

Program I: limited to 10 participants

Patients must be provided by you and are required only on clinic day

For tuition information and to register for our program, please contact us for tuition information (212) 794.3552 or email us at aestheticadvantage@ra-grp.com.

CE Credits: 30

To further continue your education, graduates of our Level I program are encouraged to move onto our Level II and Level III courses (our elite Masters Group), completing our aesthetic series. These courses can be taken consecutively or during a longer period of time. (Patients must be provided by you and are required only on clinic day.)

Our classes fill up quickly. Contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com to learn more about our extensive hands-on programs.

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New York Dental College | The Aesthetic Advantage Experience


Do you feel as though your practice has reached its peak? Are you bored with your dental techniques and need a change in your routine? If so, the Dental College at New York University College of Dentistry’s State of the Art Rosenthal Institute is the perfect opportunity to provide you and your team with a completely unique outlook on dentistry. The dental college in New York, not only allows individuals to experience hands on dental courses, but arranges for the most professional guest speakers and mentors to advise individuals on various aspects of dentistry.

According to Dr. Dean Vafiadis, “”As you know, for many years I was practicing in NY City as a Prosthodontist. I always held true to prosthetic principles of occlusion, aesthetics and personal care for my patients. After taking dental college courses my whole practice has made a complete 180-degree turn. What you have shown is that the level of what we do as dentists is usually accepted as good and okay. Now our dentistry can be spectacular. The cases that I did many years ago were long-lasting and looked just okay. Today all our cases are documented and are no less than amazing. Our referral base has tripled since we implemented your techniques and our patients are sending us more and more new patients.”

Dr. Dean Vafiadis is one of the many individuals who has drastically benefited from the dental college courses offered by Aesthetic Advantage. If you are looking for a way to enhance your professionalism, call Aesthetic Advantage for more details about dental college courses.

For more information on the different dental college courses offered by Aesthetic Advantage, call their office in New York, NY at 212-794-3552 or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com.

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