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Single Visit Fabrication of a Porcelain Laminate | New York, NY

Everyone wants a great smile. With daily dental hygiene and regular dental visits, you will generally have a good chance of maintaining a bright healthy smile. But what happens when life happens, and it affects your smile? For most of us, it can be a big deal. You may have a tooth or teeth damaged, or even worse knocked completely out. Now it’s time to make a dental appointment to have a look and to make sure no further damage is happening in your mouth. Depending on your case, everything can be rectified within a few procedures. Luckily when a tooth is lost, there are a few options available in order to repair the damage. Your dental professional will come up with a dental plan that will be sure to renew your smile.

Porcelain laminate veneers can be fabricated using different techniques. All require an impression of the prepared tooth & the opposing arch, preparation of casts, and lengthy laboratory time. However, due to technological advances in dentistry, a dental restoration can be placed in just one single visit. The purpose of CAD/CAM technology is to design restorations within the dental office in a timely, more predictable manner. Not only are the results more predictable, the fatigue resistance and tensile strength of CAD/CAM materials have been shown to be quite excellent.

Computer-assisted design and computer-assisted milling (CAD/CAM) technology has been shown to be a sufficient dental treatment in patients’ cases. Click here to read the full article “Single Visit Fabrication of a Porcelain Laminate Veneer with CAD/CAM Technology: a Clinical Report”.

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Clinical Instructor Biography: Dr. Dean Vafiadis

Dean VafiadisAesthetic Advantage is extremely proud to have Dr. Dean Vafiadis, a highly successful aesthetic dentist, as one of the many senior clinical instructors leading our Aesthetic Continuing Education Courses.

Dr. Dean Vafiadis received his dental degree and prosthodontic specialty training at the New York University College of Dentistry, and is currently the Director of the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation CE course at New York University (NYU). Dr. Vafiadis is a lecturer and senior clinical instructor at the Aesthetic Advantage Course in the Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry. He also lectures nationally and abroad for New York University’s Continuing Education department. He’s instructed over 7,000 dentists with over 500 programs over the past 14 years.

One of his many accomplishments includes being the founder of the New York Smile Institute in New York. New York Smile Institute is an educational center, full-service laboratory and learning facility, as well as a private location for a multi-specialty practice for aesthetic and implant dentistry. He’s currently the Program Director of the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation CE program at NYUCD, and also lectures the Continuing Education program there.

Dr. Dean Vafiadis is a proud member of the:

  • ACP
  • AO
  • AAID
  • AACD
  • ADA

Most of Dr. Dean Vafiadis’ patient base includes celebrities, sport figures, fortune 500 company executives, producers, writers and directors in the film industry, executives in the fashion industry and world-renowned chefs & restaurant owners.

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