Smoking Kills Good Bacteria and Creates Breeding Ground for Pathogens – New York, NY

Today we all know the disadvantages and dangers of smoking, however many people still smoke. Dentists have a hard time advising their patients on the dangers of smoking. A new study has indicated that there is a reason why smokers suffer higher rates of oral diseases. It has been discovered that in smokers, good bacteria is essentially ejected by pathogens created by smoking. This good bacteria works by keeping bad bacteria that causes infections and diseases (pathogens) away. In nonsmokers, good bacteria will repopulate the mouth shortly after cleaning and acts a shield to protect your mouth from disease. In smokers, good bacteria does not resurface and instead the mouth gets colonized by pathogens (bad bacteria). This will lead to infections and diseases that will rapidly develop. If you see these symptoms in your patients, we advise to talk to them about seeking treatment. Prevention is the best medicine and can keep your patients healthy and their smiles radiant. Aesthetic Advantage has state of the art educational facilities that can help you take your career to the next level, call us at (212) 794.3552 for more information.

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