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Aesthetic dentistry has created its own niche in today’s world. The value of dentistry, more importantly the perceived value of dentistry, and has taken on greater meaning. Aesthetic procedures now range from the “extreme” makeover to the “simple” makeover, both of which use various principles of the “Smile Lift.”

The “Art of Facial Aesthetics” is a routine phrase and approach in many contemporary dental practices. This phrase has even greater meaning when one considers the expansion of the whitening market and the increased use of aesthetic orthodontics (ie, Invisalign, Align Technology, Santa Clara, CA).

Certainly, the use of porcelain veneers and conservative crowns has enabled dentist to become a major player in the development or restoration of facial aesthetics. This role utilizes the basic principles of smile, preparation, and facial designs in the dentist’s armamentarium. The purpose of this article is to incorporate all these modalities into achieving a predictable aesthetic result.

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