Aesthetic Advantage’s Head Start Program | Continuing Dental Education in New York

aesthetic dentistry education


Aesthetic Advantage offers an affordable way for up and coming dentists to have the chance to jump start their careers. The program is designed to provide dental school graduates an opportunity in continuing education. Participants will be able to audit the continuum headed by Dr. Larry Rosenthal, pioneer and internationally respected expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry (at half the cost of the normal tuition).

During the course you will listen to lectures and observe our clinic sessions. 15 live cases will be prepared for observation. This option will also allow you to see if our Aesthetic Program and philosophy is right for your practice.

Only the first 10 applicants are accepted into each course, so don’t delay in enrolling!

Call Aesthetic Advantage today and take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime. Call 212-794-3552 or visit the website for more information,