Aesthetic Advatange Observer Program | Aesthetic Dentistry Course New York

Aesthetic Collage

Are you interested in furthering your dental education, but unsure which school you would like to attend or what courses to take? Check out Aesthetic Advantages Observer Program I. For this course you can either attend one weekend or both weekend without bringing a patient along.

You will be able to listen to lectures and observe an all-day clinic of 15 cases being prepped, temporized and seated in our clinic session. This option will also allow you to see if our course/philosophy is right for your practice.

When you get a feel for the program and decide you want to learn more, you can enroll in our other courses such as:

• Program I – Rosenthal – Philosophy and Technique
• Program II – Rosenthal Philosophy and Technique Expanded
• Program III – Masters Group

Enroll today and see what Aesthetic Advantage can do for your career! Call today at 212-794-3552 or take a look at our website