Why You Should Go Back to School | New York Dentist

Because dental technology is constantly changing, it is important to recognize that we need to stay on top of improvements and techniques in order to give our patients the best care possible. And where can we find these state-of-the-art techniques? New York University College of Dentistry’s state-of-the-art Rosenthal Institute is the perfect opportunity to provide you and your team with a completely unique outlook on dentistry. The dental college in New York, not only allows individuals to experience hands-on dental courses but arranges for the most professional guest speakers and mentors to advise individuals on various aspects of dentistry.

According to Dr. Dean Vafiadis, “As you know, for many years I was practicing in New York City as a prosthodontist. I always held true to prosthetic principles of occlusion, aesthetics and personal care for my patients. After taking dental college courses my whole practice has made a complete 180-degree turn. What you have shown is that the level of what we do as dentists is usually accepted as good and okay. Now our dentistry can be spectacular. The cases that I did many years ago were long-lasting and looked just okay. Today all our cases are documented and are no less than amazing. Our referral base has tripled since we implemented your techniques and our patients are sending us more and more new patients.”

Dr. Dean Vafiadis is one of the many individuals who has drastically benefited from the dental college courses offered by Aesthetic Advantage. If you are looking for a way to enhance your professionalism, call Aesthetic Advantage for more details about dental college courses.

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