A Miracle of Collaborative Giving | New York, NY

It’s a new year…let’s start it off with a heartwarming story about how to look after each other during a time when it feels like we aren’t connecting the way we should.

On a rather ordinary day in March 2011, I met an extraordinary person. At the age of 55, Roger decided it was time to get the smile he always wanted. After cursory introductions and greetings, I sensed Roger’s uneasiness and asked about his health and medical information. He told me he’d recently seen a doctor for a medical problem and needed more tests. They suspected cancer. But Roger quickly became more upbeat and began opening up about his desire for a better smile. It was immediately clear that we’d have a great relationship and I’d enjoy providing him with a new smile…

Want to find out more? Click here to read the full article, “A Miracle of Collaborative Giving” by Dr. David Ward, DMD.

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