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Ensure Long Term Protection of Patients’ Restorative | New York, NY

As the clinical challenges of debilitated dentition are addressed, clinicians must also consider the significance of occlusal rehabilitation and with this, occlusal protection. The following two case presentations represent different, but significant occlusal challenges. As each patient sought aesthetic improvement, often the solution involved major occlusal change. The use of an anterior splint device (ie, BiteSoft) to manage occlusal disharmony and Bruxism may often be required to achieve long term treatment success and preserve the patient’s as well as the clinicians’ restorative investment.

Through the advances of aesthetic dental procedures, materials, and technology, the future promises to be even more innovative and exciting, with extraordinary yet predictable results. In cases of occlusal disharmony and pathologic Bruxism, the use of anterior splints (ie, BiteSoft™) can aid in long-term comfort and success.

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Experience a Live Hands-On Aesthetic Dental Continuum | New York, NY

Our 4-day program is spread over two weekends and its focus is comprehensive aesthetic and restorative care. Through our lecture series, participating doctors will gain the advanced knowledge necessary to complete the most challenging cases. The clinical portion of our program allows our participants to work together with our faculty on a wide range of cases including anterior veneers and cases requiring veneers, bridgework, and all-ceramic restorations.

Participants will learn how to treatment plan, present, and complete these aesthetic and restorative cases and also learn to communicate more effectively with both the patient and the laboratory to obtain a more predictable aesthetic result. They will develop the skills needed to perform these cases at the highest level with increased confidence. We will have lectures on:

  • Preparation Techniques & Principles of Smile Design
  • Temporization Chairside
  • Review of Material Selection
  • Patient Management
  • Occlusion for Function
  • Efficient Cementation Techniques
  • Periodontics and Aesthetics
  • Combination Cases Involving Implants
  • Patient and Laboratory Communication for a More Predictable Result
  • Marketing and Practice Management

Our program may be taken two ways: you may choose the hands on dental continuum experience and bring your patient or you may choose to attend our course as an observer, without a patient, where you will observe over the shoulder up to 15 cases being treated from start to finish. It has been shown that the graduates of our long-running aesthetic/restorative programs have seen their practices grow and flourish even in these challenging economic times. Let us infuse your practice with the excitement, energy, and the necessary skills to become more confident and passionate about the practice of dentistry, setting yourself apart from others in your field!

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Facial Esthetics—The Framework | Aesthetic Advantage

Using facial landmarks to dictate tooth position can enhance esthetics and conserve tooth structure.

By Michael Apa, DDS of Aesthetic Advantage in New York

In order to create individual smiles that compliment patients’ facial features and enhance their overall facial beauty, clinicians can adopt a technique that uses facial landmarks to dictate tooth position. This method not only can enhance the esthetics, it can also ultimately allow the practitioner to be more conservative in tooth reduction.

Where Symmetry Comes In

To understand this type of procedure, it helps to have a general understanding of the word “beauty,” which is defined as the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure through perception of balance and proportion of stimulus. In short, something is perceived as beautiful when some type of harmony or balance exists. During the last decade of cosmetic dentistry, “smile design” has focused mainly on modifying the position and restoring the teeth of patients seeking a better-looking smile.1 This approach became the foundation for laboratories and practitioners communicating in the design process. It also resulted in perfectly symmetrical smiles’ being duplicated for each individual patient. However, if carefully analyzed, it is apparent that patients’ faces are not symmetrical,2 and that delivering or creating complete symmetry in an asymmetrical environment creates a disharmony that can be easily visualized. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to analyze the facial features or “the frame” in which the smile is being created. Within this process, the objective is to design the smile creating symmetry with features and, in a sense, tying the features of the face together by balancing them with the smile.

The challenge for educators in this situation is teaching something that is abstract in a clinical, methodical way. It is important to understand that esthetic dentistry combines both an artistic component along with a comprehensive dental approach.

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Not sure about continuing your Dental Education? Start with our Observer Course! | New York, NY

Interested in continuing your dental education, but not sure of which school to attend or courses to take? Enroll in Aesthetic Advantages Observer Option Program I. In this course you can attend (one weekend or both weekends) without bringing a patient.

You will be able to listen to lectures and observe an all-day clinic of 15 cases being prepped, temporized and seated in our clinic session. This option will also allow you to see if our course/philosophy is right for your practice.

When you get a feel for the program and decide you want to learn more, you can enroll in our other courses such as:

  • Program I – Rosenthal – Philosophy and Technique
  • Program II – Rosenthal Philosophy and Technique Expanded
  • Program III – Masters Group

Enroll today and see what the Rosenthal Institute can do for your career! Call today at 212-794-3552 or take a look at our website


Jump start your Dental Career with our Head Start Program | New York, NY

Of the many courses offered at Aesthetic Advantage, the Observer Head Start Program can give you the step up needed to get your career started. The program is designed to provide dental school graduates an opportunity in continuing education. Participants will be able to audit the continuum (at half the cost of the normal tuition).

You will be able to listen to lectures and observe our clinic session where up to 15 live cases will be prepared, temporized and seated the following session. This option will also allow you to see if our Aesthetic Program and philosophy is right for your practice.

This is definitely an affordable way for up and coming dentists to have the chance to jump start their careers. Only the first 10 applicants are accepted into each course, so don’t delay in enrolling!

Contact Aesthetic Advantage today and don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Call 212-794-3552 or visit the website for more information,