"Aesthetic Advantage dental aesthetics course was the turning point in my career. It was my very first 'WOW Factor' course which led me down the pathway of Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry, drove my career forward and gave a renewed ambition and determination to develop my knowledge and skills. From that day forward, I have never looked back and can only reflect upon the huge impact it had on my entire professional career!

I had been practising dentistry for over 14 years and like many, felt the treadmill of dentistry - just drill and fill, with limited training and experience in the ever growing industry of aesthetic dentistry. Larry Rosenthal, the charismatic guru of cosmetic dentistry, and his effervescent team changed everything.

The course covered 5 days of vast theoretical knowledge + hands on practical experience. We were taught in depth knowledge about smile design, case selection, treatment planning, and necessary armamentarium with predictable procedures and techniques to achieve success. We had group discussions to address every delegate's clinical cases in order to co-diagnose and efficiently treatment plan and optimize on our educational experience. Multidisciplinary approaches to treatment, effective time management, business development and clinic profitability were also covered.

Throughout the course, our internationally renowned instructors mentored us throughout with their invaluable knowledge, but also made our training both interesting and a lot of fun! Not only did I develop complete confidence and competency with smile design, my general clinical skills improved dramatically and I developed the ability to communicate better with patients and explain treatment procedures and options.

We carried out treatment on our own patients from prep through to restorative phases. Our nurses too were permitted to attend and experience both theoretical and practical training, which resulted in developing our working skills together and growing efficiently and effectively as a team. The course covered 3 stages from beginner to master's level in both the UK and US. It was efficiently organised and professionally run. The Aesthetic Advantage course was truly outstanding, and well exceeded my expectations. It changed my professional career and the educational investment was the best money I ever spent! 5 STARS sums it up!"

Dr. Nadine Epp

"When I think about the Aesthetic Advantage program I think about walking into an atmosphere full of motivation, innovative creation and the confidence to take on the future in Cosmetic Dentistry with your very own hands. Fundamentals are taught to analyze how to envision the ideal smile design to help dictate how you can execute superior results with each customized smile that fits that individual. Looking back, I can say confidently, I have developed my own personal artistic ability and most importantly, being part of the Aesthetic Advantage family."

Dr. Constantine Stavrinoudis

"In our profession, few individuals have the ability to change one person at a time; even fewer with the integrity, passion and leadership of Dr. Larry Rosenthal. Being an alumni of Aesthetic Advantage, I always find myself coming back to this advanced post-graduate program to stay on the forefront of clinical excellence in dentistry. I highly recommend the Aesthetic Advantage course to any member of the dental profession who strives to be excellent and would like to treat patients with comprehensive care resulting in beautiful, consistent, sustainable, and predictable outcomes."

Husam Almunajed DMD, MS

"I've met Dr. Rosenthal in 2000 at AACD. I was attending his hands-on course. The skills to cope with were making one side of the experience; the other side was the integration of the techniques into a comprehensive aesthetic vision.

Those are still today Dr. Rosenthal's teaching-learning experience pillars.

Obviously the skills expanded and the vision evolved. Now, leader of a crew of leaders, he takes you to another level of learning - exchanging of ideas.

You don't have to be an accomplished dentist to take advantage of all the gems spread during those four days in such a great company - it's all about attitude, and your openness to new, to bold, to artistry.

With such great and versatile teachers, only through an extensive and continue exchange of ideas, you can reach the greatness your mentors push you relentless towards.

It's the unique Larry Rosenthal's experience."

Sandra Roman, DDS
Aesthetic Advantage Graduate Level I program Spring 2013

"Aesthetic Advantage Spring of 2013 was an amazing experience. This program encourages forward thinking and has given me the confidence and ability to envision and achieve success while continually exceeding patients' expectations. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that I am able to make others' lives better, and the Aesthetic Advantage has and will continue to enhance my ability to do so."

Peter Chang, DMD
Associate Dentist at David J Ward, DMD
Aesthetic Advantage Graduate Spring 2013

"Dr. Larry Rosenthal is a leader, educator and innovator for the entire dental profession. He was a pioneer for dentistry in the early eighties, and since that time, has motivated and educated dentists around the world to do quality dentistry.

Dr. Larry Rosenthal transformed my practice from average to excellent by implementing the principles he teaches. As a result, my Northwest Arkansas practice is a very successful general dentistry practice which focuses on restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Having personally attended over 2,000 hours of continuing education, I can tell you that Dr. Larry Rosenthal's seminars, year after year, are the most inspiring and educational of any offered in our profession. He takes great pride in helping others achieve success. This is the true example of a leader. I have met dentists from all over the world at his seminars. The high caliber of dentists who come from all corners of the earth to hear Dr. Larry Rosenthal and to learn about his techniques consistently impresses me.

Thanks to Dr. Larry Rosenthal, my practice has grown so much that I should probably give him a commission on everything I do. Every day in my career I utilize techniques and communication skills that I have learned from him. I benefit. My patients benefit. My staff benefits. Everyone benefits from his talent and ability.

I saw, just last night, the Barbara Walters interview with Donald Trump sporting Dr. Larry Rosenthal's beautiful dentistry on primetime network television. He has the amazing ability to make many of his celebrity patients' smile look great even on the big screen in the tightest close-up shot.

It has been said that all successful people must stand on the shoulders of their mentors. I dedicate my success and acknowledge that I could not have achieved such great accomplishments without my mentor, Dr. Larry Rosenthal."

Dr. Alvin W. Neff
Senior Instructor for the Aesthetic Advantage

"Dr. Larry Rosenthal is an outstanding teacher who has shaped so much of my philosophy, strategies and skills in the way I practice aesthetic dentistry. He is an exceptional mentor who has helped me grow to a whole new level, and showed me never to settle for less than I can be. He has taught me by example to have courage and commitment to do my absolute best, and that true "success" is in long-term value and services to others. Thousands of his patients will tell you how 'Dr. Rosenthal's Smiles' impacted their quality of life, made them feel more attractive, secure, self-confident and youthful, and gave them happiness and joy. He has touched so many lives, not only of his patients, but also the lives of all the doctors he has taught and their patients. His teaching is based on practical, well-researched, scientifically sound principles and techniques. Dr. Rosenthal's warmth, passion and commitment to true "excellence in Esthetic Dentistry" have been a great source of inspiration to me both personally and professionally. I am forever grateful."

Dr. Sanya Sweeney, Riverton New Jersey

"The experience I gained empowered me to create an aesthetic practice far beyond any previous goals. My first 16 years of dentistry will not compare to my next 16 years thanks to the skills and knowledge I acquired at the Rosenthal Aesthetic Advantage Program...Thanks, Larry, for enlightening my life."

Dr. Jeff Weller, Chicago, IL

"After 20 years of practicing dentistry, I thought I had seen it all—that is until the first half hour of my first level of Aesthetic Advantage. Larry Rosenthal and the other instructors were able to teach, motivate and inspire me like no one had ever done before. The three levels of Aesthetic Advantage were unquestionably a turning point in my dental career, and certainly the best investment I have ever made. Larry, you have changed my life You have given me the tools and the confidence that have enabled me to change the lives of others in ways that I had never thought possible. I am forever grateful.

Bio update: Since I last had the opportunity to instruct at Aesthetic Advantage, I have had the good fortune to accomplish several professional goals. I had an article published in Dental Economics (November, 2006), entitled "21 Tips To Becoming A Cosmetic Dentist," in which my association with Aesthetic Advantage was prominently mentioned. I was interviewed for a segment of The Richard's Report Audio Tape Series, in which I reviewed the points from this article, and also had the chance to "pump up" the course. Last month, I taught two courses at the AACD meeting in Atlanta, along with Adrian Jurim and Tom Dudney, on treatment planning, prep design and practice development. Finally, as of April, I became an Assistant Clinical Professor at the New York College of Dentistry."

Dr. Marc Schlenoff, New Jersey

"What an adventurous and enlightening journey we have all had with Larry Rosenthal! Getting to masters level has been total enjoyment and it has changed my perspective and our team's perspective of dentistry and how we approach our work. Larry and his team have become great friends and such good mentors that keep me enthusiastic and, most importantly, happy being a caring dentist."

Dr. Julian Chen, UK

"I had the good fortune of being educated by Dr. Larry Rosenthal back in '94-'95. Not only did Dr. Larry present me with a wealth of information and tools of the trade, he changed the way I see smiles and the way I practice dentistry to this day. He has motivated me to take my practice and skills always to the next level, to always improve by education and never settle for mediocrity. The Aesthetic Advantage has given doctors and staff the opportunity to be educated in a world-class facility, taught a very comprehensive curriculum, by a very caring group of instructors and administrators. Dr. Rosenthal has brought genuine enthusiasm back into dentistry, and it is contagious to all those who attend! He will challenge you, as he did me, to be the best dentist you can be and learn not only from your successes, but also your failures. It is a great privilege to teach alongside my mentor and the instructors who are not only great clinicians and teachers, but even better people. Thanks Dr. Larry and the Aesthetic Advantage for continually being at the forefront of the dental industry, and having such a good vision for the future."

Dr. Jeff Kohler
Senior clinical instructor for the Aesthetic Advantage

"Attending all three levels of the Aesthetic Advantage in both London and New York has been a fantastic life experience. Meeting great people, learning new things, visiting great cities and, of cours,e the enthusiasm of Larry Rosenthal and his team of instructors have helped drive my team to excel in our pursuit in changing people's smiles. Larry is not only a great dentist but also a great entertainer and I would thoroughly recommend this course to any dentist who wants to improve not only their dental skills, but also the enjoyment they have each day at their office."

Phil Eisenberg, BDS London

"I am very proud to be a clinical instructor with the Aesthetic Advantage. It has allowed me to surround myself with the best clinicians in dentistry. Under Larry's guidance, I have been able to improve my teaching skills and dental clinical skills. I am able to take all the knowledge that I have given and gained at the courses and put it to work in my practice. It is also one of the reasons that I was able to achieve the Fellowship status of the AACD.

The energy that the courses create really inspires me to be the best dentist that I can be. Having the great instructors and students to brainstorm with and talk about new ideas and problems with is invaluable. It allows me to have a pulse on the dental world across the world. This knowledge in turn allows me to be on the cutting edge of dentistry for myself and my patients. Thank you, Aesthetic Advantage!"

Dr. Ken Hamlett, Dallas, Texas

"I met Larry Rosenthal in October 2002, and he was the missing link in my practice. I have learned from the best in dentistry and no one has come close to impacting my life as Larry Rosenthal has. My plan after graduation from dental school was to learn all that I could about occlusion and comprehensive dentistry. Then I would learn all I could about cosmetic dentistry. When I researched different cosmetic dental programs, Larry's name kept coming up as the number one program. What I was pleasantly surprised by, was that his program offered so much more than just cosmetics. I found the program to be all-encompassing of every aspect of a world-class dental practice. I was also impressed with the sincerity that Dr. Rosenthal has in making sure all his students receive more than they thought they would get from the course. He has a true talent for understanding individuals and approaching each person from the perspective of what is important to him or her. I have taken all three levels at the Aesthetic Advantage program and I have invested a lot of time and money. Having stated that, I would and do recommend this to any dentist wanting to practice dentistry with more passion and fulfillment. The biggest benefit will be to your patients. What you learn at Aesthetic Advantage with Larry Rosenthal and his staff will give you the potential to improve the quality of lives of all those you treat."

Dr. Larry L. Saylor II, Tampa, FL

I practice general dentistry in Wayne, New Jersey. Many of my current patients have been with me since I opened my office in 1973. I have always been interested in improving my abilities to provide the finest in patient care and the latest technology. To that end, I participate in a couple of hundred hours of continuing education ever year.

Approximately seven years ago, I took the Aesthetic Advantage continuum offered by Dr. Larry Rosenthal at NYU School of Dentistry. During that course I had the opportunity to provide cosmetic correction to a badly destroyed dentition and, in the process, changed the course of a young person's life. I also had opportunity to observe 28 other diagnosis and treatment plans at the pre-treatment seminar. I learned valuable skills regarding patient selection and the taking of proper diagnostic materials, including dental radiographs, study cast, a complete series of digital photographs and soft tissue evaluations, diagnosis and treatment planning and communication both to the dental lab and the patient. This chance encounter has proved to be my epiphany. This singular event has profoundly changed my life. My career had been at a standstill. I had contemplated leaving the profession. I was burned out. I could see no future in dentistry that included me.

The Aesthetic Advantage is a series of courses designed to educate dentists not only in clinical skills but also in patient care and "Five Star Patient Service." I hung on every word spoken by Dr. Rosenthal and each of the other speakers. I was exposed to a new way of caring for and serving my patients. Upon return to my office, my staff and I worked to incorporate each new idea into our practice. The information I learned from Dr. Rosenthal has helped me to be a better dentist, able to provide a higher level of comprehensive care, while encouraging my staff to be more caring and concerned and focused on the needs of our patients.

I left Dr. Rosenthal's course with a renewed vision and passion that rekindled the feeling I had when I first became a dentist. Since that time, I have continued my association with Dr. Rosenthal and the Aesthetic Advantage continuum as a clinical instructor. In the position, I have had the opportunity to closely observe Dr. Rosenthal in the capacity of educator, skilled clinician and warm, caring person. Dr. Rosenthal has a true concern for each of his patients and an unqualified respect for the educational process. This explains the enthusiasm of Dr. Rosenthal's students and the love and admiration that patients have for him.

Soon after taking the Aesthetic Advantage continuum, I felt confident enough to become an active member of the Passaic County Dental Society's peer Review Committee. In this position, I have had to oversee many patient complaints about dental care. The lessons learned from Dr. Rosenthal have helped me to become a very valued member of this committee. I have successfully handled mediation between the patient and the dentist and feel the education I received from Dr. Rosenthal has helped me to be fair and open and to bring a better understanding of the problems of both parties.

Dr. Rosenthal can be quirky, he can be funny and he can be confrontational, but underneath it all he is an extremely sensitive and passionate and caring person. I can unequivocally say that I love Dr. Larry Rosenthal and I am incredibly grateful for the changes he has made in my professional career and my personal life."

Dr. Harry Long, Wayne, New Jersey

"As you know, for many years I was practicing in NY City as a Prosthodontist. I always held true to prosthetic principles of occlusion, aesthetics and personal care for my patients. After taking your course my whole practice has made a complete 180-degree turn. We were always providing good care for our patients, but now we provide 'An exceptional dental care experience.' What you have shown me is that the level of what we do as dentists is usually accepted as good and okay. Now our dentistry can be spectacular. The cases that I did many years ago were long-lasting and looked just okay. Today all our cases are documented and are no less than amazing. Our referral base has tripled since we implemented your techniques and our patients are sending us more and more new patients. I never would have imagined dentistry could be so exciting and fun. You and your amazing team of aesthetic specialists have "infected" me with the love of dentistry which, I believe, is the reason most of us became dental professionals.

God bless you and your office staff for all they have done for me, my patients, my staff and my family. We are a product your success and passion for making beautiful smiles. Aesthetic Advantage has made all of us happy and successful...and we love it!!!"

Dr. Dean Vafiadis - New York City

"Coming to New York to take the Aesthetic Advantage course was one of the best decisions I've made in my career. The energy level is amazing and the instructors make you feel very welcome. Let's be honest, being able to watch Larry Rosenthal create and design smiles is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Bring the whole office so everyone experiences the excitement that only Larry can provide.

If you want to experience the best hands-on course in the country, then Aesthetic Advantage is for you."

Dr. Todd Meeks, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Starting this journey with Larry Rosenthal, attending all the levels from I to masters and beyond, has changed our whole team's perspective of dentistry. We now look to imitate nature and enhance smiles—from the smallest treatment plan through to the most extensive cases.

This experience has introduced us to like-minded teams and consultants, who have helped us not only now really enjoy our dentistry, but also make our practice more profitable. We have made some wonderful friends along the way, not only in the UK but the US also, whom we hope we will now have an enduring relationship with. These courses have helped us to expand above and beyond our expectations. It has been a really great honor to become part of Larry Rosenthal's vision and team. Thank you."

Dr. Johann Styger, UK

"2003 was a memorable year. I reluctantly agreed to go to New York as an observer; my partners were doing level II. On reflection, I was cynical about the benefits of smile design, and felt, at best, it made everyone look the same and, at worst, was inappropriate treatment. I couldn't have been more wrong! The courses are very well-organized, the lecturers are charismatic and knowledgeable (and made dentistry fun). I was jolted out of my comfort zone and realized I could enjoy dentistry for the first time in 25 years. Larry is an inspirational leader. He made me wake up to what I was missing. I have now completed levels I, II and masters. Our practice has moved forward hugely and we are all looking forward to future challenges."

Dr. John Brazier, UK

"If you want to have a boring, unnoticeable career in dentistry, please do not attend one of Larry Rosenthal's courses.

The last few years with Larry have opened my eyes to every aspect of dentistry. How to prepare a tooth for a veneer is the least of it. The whole picture became clear after doing the three levels of Aesthetic Advantage. Practice management, philosophy and marketing became joys which have boosted our office immensely.

I know we will still learn more and I cannot wait to improve myself, and our team, even further with the help of Aesthetic Advantage."

Dr. Eben Vanderwalt, UK

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for running a superior program. The last two months have afforded me the chance to experience the importance of hands-on learning and to make valuable friendships in the process.

I guess I should tell you why I never wanted to invest in a hands-on program. I always thought 'What do they know that I don't' and 'the only reason why they are doing more than me is because they are in NY.' Boy, how wrong I have been. It's funny. I talk to my patients about 'the cost' of treatment. Not as it relates to expense but the cost of missing out on something that you really need. The cost of losing time. Well, it came right back and smacked me in the face. I can only look back and see that I really needed to do something with a team like yours for the past 14 years. I realized that no matter what you know, you just don't know enough.

Thank you again for 'realigning' the way I see and do aesthetic dental procedures. I truly appreciate you as a colleague and friend of mine. I hope someday to be of service to you too."

Dr. Glenn MacFarlane, Bloomfield, NJ

"In every field or endeavor, there is always one person you can look to that changed that particular industry or sport to cause it to move to new levels of success. In the auto industry, there was Henry Ford; in baseball, Babe Ruth; in the airline industry, Charles Lindberg; in the world of technology, Bill Gates. In the world of dentistry, that individual would be Dr. Larry Rosenthal.

There are a select few who can impact an industry in such an extraordinary way as you have the dental industry. I am honored to know and work with you. I just wanted to say 'thank you for making it possible for myself and so many others involved in our industry to have had the opportunity to experience so many tremendous financial and social rewards. I felt the need to express to you that I realize you are the one who has opened those doors for so many."

Kent Hallmeyer, El Dorado Hills, CA

"I have known Dr. Larry Rosenthal for approximately 15 years. Dr. Rosenthal has made numerous contributions to the dental profession and positively influenced thousands of dentists over the course of his career. Indeed, Dr. Rosenthal may be the best motivational speaker I have ever heard.

I have personally observed him work on many occasions, in both his office and in various teaching programs, with great skill and care. It is readily apparent he takes great pride in his dentistry and I have never believed him to have anything other than the patient's best interest in mind.

In short, I believe Dr. Rosenthal to be a positive force, superb teacher and highly respected clinician in the dental profession."

Dr. Gary Alex, Huntington, NY

"It is a special pleasure and an honor for me to be able to share my personal experience with you, and I'd like to thank you to in advance for taking yourtime to read this letter. I am a general practitioner who has been practicing since 1997. I did one year of general practice residency and I am a Fellow of AGD. Besides practicing dentistry, I am very much involved politically in my local dental society (2nd) and I am the president of the dental society in the Sephardic American Association.

During years of my practice, I had the opportunity to perform limited smile analysis and aesthetic dentistry. I was very much conservative in my treatment plan, maybe too conservative. As I recall, on many occasions, I did refuse to get involved in performing Extreme Makeover aesthetic dentistry. I was advising the patient not to go through it or referring them for ortho evaluation...

Well, my life has been changed. Now, I am a different person and have a completely different attitude. I feel as if I was born again. And this is why I decided to write this letter, and share this exciting change with you.

About two months ago, I attended a seminar which was held in the Second District Dental Society, by Dr. Dean. This was an amazing and an energetic presentation and I was fascinated by it. He offered that I come to his office for a day of observation. He was very sincere and serious about it. Well, I took his offer.

Then, he gave me a lifetime opportunity by inviting me to Aesthetic Advantage course at NYU to meet 'his' Mentor, Dr. Larry!!!. I was overwhelmed with passion of dentistry after I heard you speak. The experience was so intense and unique that I asked if I could observe in the clinic. Every instructor treated me with respect and as an equal. I have never felt this way with any of my dental peers in the last 10 years.

Dr. Rosenthal, I am so thankful and honored to be involved in aesthetic dentistry because there are such pioneers like you representing this field of expertise. Thanks to you and all your staff, now, I am determined to sign up for you Level I course in April. I want to be very much part of this aesthetic family.

In closing, I can't wait to learn, experience and see the satisfaction of changing people's lives like you do. I want to assure you that there are patients and dentists like myself who certainly appreciate the type of masterpiece you and your other aesthetic colleagues perform.

I am proud and honored to be involved with you and thank you again for opening my eyes and changing MY LIFE. Can't wait for APRIL 2005!"

Dr. Sean Shekib, Brooklyn, NY

"Of late so much has been happening in our profession I felt it important to take a moment and place our accomplishments in a proper perspective.

I've personally been blessed for several reasons. Born at a time when materials made aesthetic possibilities current, I followed my instincts and today am referred to as the 'Father of Aesthetic Dentistry.' While I appreciate being responsible for its initial steps, aesthetic dentistry has reached a status today that could not have been accomplished without the help of many others.

And that is why I am writing this letter. It is important the others be recognized and you, Larry, are one of the disciples I am most proud of.

You have devoted so much time and energy teaching other dentists. That in itself ensured you reputation. Your lectures and hands-on courses are amongst the best offere...Still, for you that was insufficient. You took it upon yourself to raise the funds to build one of the most prestigious dental teaching institutions anywhere. The 'Larry Rosenthal' institute at New York University has already and will continue to teach more dentists aesthetic dentistry than any dental institute in the world.

Today many of our colleagues exaggerate their accomplishments and influence, but I've been around from the outset and unequivocally, Larry, you are a genuine credit to our profession."

Dr. Irwin Smigel, New York, NY

"As first a student, then an instructor and now a clinical director, I have been associated with Dr. Larry Rosenthal in over 30 live patient and hand-on programs taught at clinics and schools in New York, Palm Beach, London, Indianapolis, Lexington and Dallas. It is because of my association with Dr. Rosenthal first as his student, then with him as my mentor and finally as a fellow teacher and friend that I believe I have attained the success I have in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry. As a teacher, he has been an inspiration to me to become not only a better instructor, but also a better clinical dentist. I was so confident in his ability as a clinician that I chose him to do my own veneers when there were many excellent dentists I know who I could have gone to. I think it really says a lot about a dentists' ability when another dentist chooses him. I was extremely pleased with my work, have never had any problems and have received many compliments.

However, there are many other qualities Dr. Rosenthal possesses that are often overlooked because he is viewed as the celebrity dentist. He is very generous and gracious with his time and has always given back to dentistry. A good example of this is his driving passion and desire to create the Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry to teach and promote aesthetic dentistry to students and dentists all over the world. Also, even though he built probably the most successful aesthetic practice in the entire country he was not content with that, but wanted instead to teach other dentists and help them learn the things that have made him successful, I can personally attest to that because I have patterned most of the things I do in my own practice after the techniques and principles I have learned from him. Furthermore I have personally witnessed many dentists whose practices and lives have improved for the better because of their association with him. He has been a leader, a pioneer, a visionary, an innovator, a teacher and a mentor in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and, in my opinion, has no peer. We all owe a debt of gratitude to dentists like Dr. Rosenthal who not only elevated themselves but the entire profession of dentistry, especially the field of Aesthetics, to a level of which we can all be proud.

Finally, I would like to say that I have come to know Dr. Rosenthal personally over the last several years and I am honored to consider him a friend. I have known him to be a loving father and husband and someone who is always giving of his time to others. He has a very loyal group of instructors who have worked with him for many years and owe a lot of their personal success to him. I feel fortunate to be associated with him and grateful for all he has done for me both professionally and personally."

Dr. Thomas Dudney, Alabaster, AL

"Dr. Larry Rosenthal has been in the public eye for many years. As a public figure he is open to attacks and criticism. For those who do not know him, Dr. Larry Rosenthal may come off as forward or odd at times. It is only after getting to know the man that you realize that he carries a very large responsibility in our society. As one of the first teachers of aesthetic dentistry, he took on the role of educating dentists and the public on the benefits of this once unknown area of dentistry. In order to effectively do so, one must have fortitude and drive. Dr. Rosenthal has that and more.

While treating many patients for their aesthetic needs, many patients request solutions to problems that no other dentist would dare try. Day in and day out, Dr. Rosenthal helps change many of these lives. Many times these heroic acts go unnoticed by the public. Only the patients and their loved ones know what it is that they have gone through. It is unfortunate that few if any of these cases ever surface in the news.

A teacher, Dr. Rosenthal has shared his vision and special talents with thousands of dentists, all along knowing that these very dentists could be and are his competition. If that is not selflessness I do not know what is. Despite all the current bad publicity, Dr. Rosenthal continues to strive to make dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry, more predictable and more of an exact science while maintaining its art form.

I have practiced aesthetic dentistry in Miami for over 15 years and feel that many things that I have learned from Dr. Rosenthal both ethically and clinically are a great part of my practice today. I know that I stand among many other dentists who know that Dr. Larry Rosenthal has played an invaluable part in our profession. Not admitting his contributions to dentistry would be a crime."

Dr. Jorge Blanco, Miami, FL

"I just wanted to let you know how touched I was by your generosity the other night at the Give Back a Smile event. Your kindness will benefit so many women whose lives have been shattered by abuse. Your desire to be part of the solution to this problem is clearly evident and I am proud to know you!"

Dr. David Ward, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

"Having known Dr. Larry Rosenthal for several years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing his interactions with his clients and colleagues. As a participant in the Aesthetic Advantage Hands-On Aesthetic Continuum, I have been fortunate to work alongside a man who has had a hand in improving the lives of many.

Through the Aesthetic Advantage, Dr. Rosenthal helps those patients who normally couldn't afford to improve their smiles. For some, this means a subtle improvement to their looks. For many others, this means the opportunity to smile without care, laugh freely without self-consciousness and pursue their dreams with confidence. This man who treats the most wealthy and powerful individuals in the world takes the time to visit every patient at the AA hands-on courses.

In addition to helping patients, Dr. Rosenthal helps doctors. He energizes them and gives them the tools to expand their lackluster practices into successful facilities that foster optimal dental health while achieving maximum aesthetic results. He shares his knowledge and experience with each doctor in hopes that they can achieve the level of success he has.

Dr. Rosenthal has a desire to help others shine. When it comes to his clinical instructors and other professionals in the field, such as myself, he is genuinely concerned with their individual success. I once asked him how he came to be so successful. He said he never disparages other dentists because, although everyone has different philosophies, they are to be respected for the work they do.

He has affected my business and life, by doing everything in his power to advance my career as the president of a marketing firm for dentists and plastic surgeons. Without asking, he took a personal interest in my company by opening doors and offering opportunity without asking for anything in return. He did it because that is what he does—helps people achieve their goals.

Dr. Rosenthal's contribution to the community, patients, doctors and vendors are so far-reaching that it's impossible to explain it all. The effects of this passion and pure heart can be felt throughout dentistry. Dr. Larry Rosenthal is known in dentistry as one of the most influential doctors of his time. I think of him as one of the most caring people I have been blessed to know."

Misty Absher, President, Dental & Medical ImageWorks