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CAD/CAM Veneers and Crowns | New York, NY

By Dr. Dean C. Vafiadis, DDS

Recently, an influx of computer technologies and CAD/CAM designs have been introduced to the restorative dentist. These technologies have helped streamline our fabrication protocols, reduced clinical chair-time and reduced laboratory costs. In addition, the accuracy of these techniques has equaled our conventional techniques with high level of precision. Using a combination of CAD/CAM and robotics, the technology of final implant abutment fabrication and final CAD/CAM restoration is predictable for the clinician. The aim of this article is to demonstrate cases in which CAD/CAM technology was utilized for esthetic anterior restorations.

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Smile Enhancement with Direct Composite Veneers: A Clinical Case Report | New York, NY

close up smile red lipstickThere many choices to choose from when it comes to to achieving a beautiful, lifelike smile. One of the most rewarding yet challenging dental treatments is the placing a of resin veneers. Composite resin allows the dentist to have full control of the desired outcome. This treatment can be used to enhance and design a smile, while also allowing artistic expression in the overall smile design. This techniques leaves the tooth contours, surface texture, morphology, hue, value, chroma, incisal characteristics, and translucency all up to the treating dentist. When the technique of direct composite veneers is mastered it can open new doors to mastering all other restorative materials.

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