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Have You Enrolled in the Hands-On Continuum? | New York, NY

Keeping abreast of today’s dental improvements is important in order to give your patients the best care. This is why continuing your education is necessary. Please join us at the Aesthetic Advantage Hands-On Continuum, at the Rosenthal Institute, New York University College of Dentistry. We have a comprehensive 4-day program, spread over two weekends, focusing on comprehensive esthetic and restorative care. Participants will gain advanced knowledge of comprehensive and restorative cases; become proficient in treatment planning and case presentations; and develop the skill needed to perform esthetic dentistry at the highest level with increased confidence. Participants will have the unique opportunity to work hands-on with a patient or choose the option of observing over the shoulder 15 cases being treated from start to finish.

We will have lectures on:

  • Preparation Techniques and Principles of Smile Design
  • Temporization (Chair Side)
  • Review of Material Selection
  • Patient Management
  • Occlusion for Function
  • Efficient Cementation Techniques
  • Periodontal and Aesthetics Combined
  • Combination Cases Involving Implants
  • Lab Communication for a more Predictable Result
  • Marketing and Practice Management

We will have a marketing panel of experts, available to address topics of interest or concerns about your individual practice situations.

Our program gives you the opportunity to be exposed to top speakers, learn cutting edge aesthetic procedures and techniques and be mentored by our clinical faculty. Let us infuse your practice with the excitement, energy and the necessary skills to become more confident and passionate about the practice of dentistry, setting yourself apart from others in your industry!

If you are interested in dental college courses, contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today! Or visit aestheticadvantage.com for additional information.

Expand Your Mind: Continuing Your Dental Education | New York, NY

Now that we have generally moved past the age of COVID-19, there is a newfound desire to live life to the fullest and many people have begun to rethink their existence. For many this begins with their career. So many people have said goodbye to their jobs, in search of a more fulfilling existence. Some find a different job; others take a different route – they go back to school.

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision for anyone, but for those of us in the dental field, going back to school is almost a given. After all, technology is constantly changing and improving the way we do things.

Continuing dental education is extremely important for all in the dental field. As a dental professional you should be keeping up with the major changes happening in the industry every day. The world of dentistry is growing extremely fast and will continue to grow over time, making it clear why it’s so important to continue your dental education.

With the technology advancing in such little time now, it’s essential for everyone in the dental field to stay on top of the game. Ongoing training for dental professionals is so important that even most states require that all dentists and hygienists must complete a specific amount of dental continuation education classes each year in order to remained licensed in the field.

Not only is it beneficial to you to continue your dental education, but to your patients as well. Continuing your dental education allows you to provide the best care possible while having access to the last preventative, diagnostic and treatment methods.

If you are interested in dental college courses, contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today! Or visit aestheticadvantage.com for additional information.

Aesthetic Advantage: Where We Continue to Strive | New York, NY

On November 21, 2003 Dean Michael Alfano officially dedicated a wing of New York University Dental College as the Dr. Larry Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. Named in honor of its principle benefactor, the Rosenthal Institute is wholly dedicated to fostering continuing education, research and patient care in current and emerging techniques in aesthetic dentistry. The institute also houses NYUCD’S continuing education program, which annually attracts more than 4,000 dentists from more than 20 countries, making it perhaps the most far reaching program of its kind in the world.

It is the nation’s first comprehensive program in an academic dental center to train dentists in the burgeoning field of aesthetic dentistry. The 6,000,000.00 8,500 Square foot learning facility features an elegant marble and mahogany décor. It is equipped with 15 state of the art treatment rooms all equipped with state of the art ambidextrous capable Kavo Dental chairs, a 52-seat amphitheater with lap top connection, surround sound system and global videoconferencing reach. It also has a corporate style boardroom with remote broadcast capabilities a large laboratory with a demonstration area and overhead state-of-the-art TV display and an operatory under glass outfitted with multiple cameras to permit live interactive clinical demonstration that can be broadcast around the world. The Rosenthal Institute will provide a coordinated approach to the study of aesthetic dentistry. Students will develop skills in current and emerging techniques with hands on courses in aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic Advantage Hands-On Courses: Level One

ThinkstockPhotos-464323669Aesthetic Advantage offers a variety of dental continuing courses, including hands-on dental courses. The professionals of Aesthetic Advantage list the following advantage of hands-on dental courses:

  • Individuals who learn in a hands-on learning environment are more likely to remember the material better.
  • Studies show that hands on courses motivate individual to actively engage in their learning and improve their skills.
  • Hands on dental courses allow individuals to discuss any misconceptions they have on the material, providing people with the right guidance in order to be successful in all fields of dentistry.

The Rosenthal Aesthetic hands on course is a class designed to give you day to day scenarios in which you will be dealing with aesthetic procedures as a dentist. This course is designed to give you hands on interaction with whomever you’d like to bring along as your patient. If you don’t want to bring a patient, you don’t have to and you only have to pay half of the tuition. There are two other levels that follow this course and it is encouraged that you take all three of them.

On our first day you will sit in on lectures on prep techniques, smile design principles, cementation techniques, patient management treatment planning, lab communication for a more predictable result, material selection and more. You may bring a patient and prep a live case or you will be able to audit (observe over the shoulder) up to 10-15 cases being prepped and inserted at this course, as well on clinic day. You will be able to return one month later to sit in on lectures regarding cementation, occlusion, advanced cases and marketing, then go to clinic the following day to observe 10-15 cases being inserted.

Aesthetic Advantage emphasizes the importance of hands on dental courses because of the many advantages they offer compared to a traditional classroom setting. If you are looking for a way to further your knowledge and expertise regarding dental education call Aesthetic Advantage today.

Program I: limited to 10 participants

Patients must be provided by you and are required only on clinic day

For tuition information and to register for our program, please contact us for tuition information (212) 794.3552 or email us at aestheticadvantage@ra-grp.com.

CE Credits: 30

To further continue your education, graduates of our Level I program are encouraged to move onto our Level II and Level III courses (our elite Masters Group), completing our aesthetic series. These courses can be taken consecutively or during a longer period of time. (Patients must be provided by you and are required only on clinic day.)

Our classes fill up quickly. Contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register today or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com to learn more about our extensive hands-on programs.

Aesthetic Advantage proudly serves New York, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina and all surrounding areas.