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When It’s Time to Enhance Your Skillset | New York, NY

If life has taught us anything, it’s that time and progress doesn’t stop. And if you don’t change with it, it will leave you behind. The same can be said for our professions. Technology and evolution are always going to be, so if you want to keep up with your competition, you may need to seek further education to continue to be successful. That’s where the Dental College at New York University College of Dentistry’s State of the Art Rosenthal Institute comes in. It is the perfect opportunity to provide you and your team with a completely unique outlook on dentistry with hands-on dental courses, professional guest speakers and mentors from various dental backgrounds.

Senior Instructor Dr. Alvin W. Neff states, “Dr. Larry Rosenthal transformed my practice from average to excellent by implementing the principles he teaches. As a result, my Northwest Arkansas practice is a highly successful general dentistry practice which focuses on restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Having personally attended over 2,000 hours of continuing education, I can tell you that Dr. Larry Rosenthal’s seminars, year after year, are the most inspiring and educational of any offered in our profession. He takes great pride in helping others achieve success. This is the true example of a leader. I have met dentists from all over the world at his seminars. The high caliber of dentists who come from all corners of the earth to hear Dr. Larry Rosenthal and to learn about his techniques consistently impresses me.”

Dr. Neff is one of the many individuals who has benefited from the dental college courses offered by Aesthetic Advantage. If you are looking for a way to enhance your professionalism, consider enrolling today.

Aesthetic Advantage has state of the art educational facilities that can help you take your career to the next level, call us at (212) 794.3552 for more information.

Aesthetic Advantage proudly serves New York, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina and all surrounding areas.

Program III – Masters Group

This level builds upon the concepts and techniques learned in Levels I and II and will help place you at the pinnacle of your profession. Master the technique and philosophy of smile design. This course will focus on more individual attention and smaller groups—this elite and exclusive group is limited to five participants. We will have small workshops on occlusion, working on models with face bows, and you will participate in an advanced hands-on workshop on aesthetic re-contouring on models. You will have the opportunity to wax up your own case and make your temporaries chair-side. You will work on more advanced cases in clinic. This is targeted toward a more individual learning experience in a much smaller setting at a more advanced pace. You will prep and cement an advanced case in clinic alongside an instructor. Participate in our marketing panel discussion and bring your practice questions in front of our group of talented dental professionals for resolution.

Program Prerequisites

This program is limited to five doctors and it is a prerequisite that you have completed Program I and Program II. You must bring a patient with you to our clinic on Saturdays with a need that falls within our guidelines.

About Our Clinical Session

Clinic takes place on Saturday – both sessions. You will be assigned an instructor personally trained by Dr. Rosenthal who will work alongside you during our clinic session. Your instructor will be available to help you from the beginning all of your case all the way to the insertion of your case. Dr. Rosenthal will also be available to assist you with smile design and applying the final finishing touches to your case. Our unique hands-on approach helps you to overcome any fears or obstacles you may have with regard to setting up your case, managing your patients and delivering a beautiful and aesthetic end result.

Course Tuition

This small, exclusive group is limited to five participants. Patients must be provided by you and are required only on clinic day

  • $8,695.00 – early enroll save $1495!
  • Staff Members (Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist and Administrative Staff): $99.00
  • CE Credits: 30
  • Click here to download our brochure.

Contact Aesthetic Advantage at 212-794-3552 to register for our courses today or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com to learn more about Program III – Masters Group.

Aesthetic Advantage proudly serves New York, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina and all surrounding areas.

Why Continuing Dental Education is Important | New York, NY


For individuals pursuing their dreams in the field of medicine, there is an overwhelming amount of pressure placed upon their choices. The reality of the situation is that in any case of medicine, individuals’ lives are placed in hold of their practitioner. When looking at it in that case, it’s definitely important that dentists know there is always something to learn.

Continuing education in the dental field is essential. Training procedures include the constantly changing world that we live in. As we advance technologically, there are constantly new innovative treatment methods and tools that professionals must grow accustomed to practicing or using in order to move forward.

Here at Aesthetic Advantage, individuals are encouraged to continue their dental experience by furthering their understanding of the practice.

For more information about how to broaden your education with dental continuing education call Aesthetic Advantage in New York, NY at 212-794-3552 or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com.

Aesthetic Advantage also proudly serves New York, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.