Your Periodontitis May Complicate Your Pregnancy

It’s a beautiful time of your life when you are building a tiny human in your belly. All of a sudden, your body is changing in all of these different ways and it seems like every day is different. But did you know that your teeth are also changing during this time? It’s true. Because of all the hormonal changes, your teeth and gums will begin to become sensitive. So, before you become pregnant, it is a good idea for your mouth to be the healthiest it can be. Pay a visit to your dentist for a quick check-up.

During your first trimester, it is common to have bouts of morning sickness. Curb these instances by using a bland toothpaste and a small toothbrush. The more things you do to not make yourself sick, the better. If you happen to notice inflamed puffy gums, you may have “pregnancy gingivitis” and a trip to the dentist is in order.

Cravings are a given, but once you’ve moved on to the second trimester, it is a good idea to avoid sugary snacks as much as possible. Keeping a diet full of Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin B12 will help strengthen your teeth throughout your pregnancy. During this time, you may develop small temporary tumors on your mouth or lips, otherwise known as “pregnancy granuloma”.

Once you’re in the home stretch, it is wise to avoid making any dental appointments. Keeping up your daily dental routine through your third trimester will maintain your oral health until you give birth.

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