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Clinical Instructor Biography: Dr. Jay Lerner | New York, NY

Jay Lerner

Graduate of the Columbia University School of Dentistry, Dr. Lerner has maintained a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens since 1983, focusing on comprehensive restorative and aesthetic dentistry. He is a member of The American Dental Association, The Florida Dental Association and The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a clinical instructor with The Rosenthal Institute at New York University, Palm Beach Community College and the Eastman Dental Clinic in London, England.

In addition, Dr. Lerner has published numerous articles in Dentistry Today, Contemporary Esthetics and Dental Products Report, and lectures in the field of aesthetic dentistry, both nationally and internationally. By completing over 200 hours each year in expanding his education, he maintains an exceptional expertise in the latest dental procedures and technology.

Academic Affiliations

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Florida Dental Association
  • American Dental Association

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Enroll today in our Live Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum | New York


Our 4-day program is spread over two weekends and its focus is comprehensive aesthetic and restorative care. Through our lecture series, participating doctors will gain the advanced knowledge necessary to complete the most challenging cases. The clinical portion of our program allows our participants to work together with our faculty on a wide range of cases including anterior veneers and cases requiring veneers, bridgework, and all-ceramic restorations.

Participants will learn how to treatment plan, present, and complete these aesthetic and restorative cases and also learn to communicate more effectively with both the patient and the laboratory to obtain a more predictable aesthetic result. They will develop the skills needed to perform these cases at the highest level with increased confidence. We will have lectures on:

  • Preparation Techniques & Principles of Smile Design
  • Temporization Chairside
  • Review of Material Selection
  • Patient Management
  • Occlusion for Function
  • Efficient Cementation Techniques
  • Periodontics and Aesthetics
  • Combination Cases Involving Implants
  • Patient and Laboratory Communication for a More Predictable Result
  • Marketing and Practice Management

Our program may be taken two ways: you may choose the hands on experience and bring your patient or you may choose to attend our course as an observer, without a patient, where you will observe over the shoulder up to 15 cases being treated from start to finish. It has been shown that the graduates of our long-running aesthetic/restorative programs have seen their practices grow and flourish even in these challenging economic times. Let us infuse your practice with the excitement, energy, and the necessary skills to become more confident and passionate about the practice of dentistry, setting yourself apart from others in your field!

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Second Annual Dental Extravaganza | Dental Continuing Education Courses

dental extravaganza

Through February 20 – 21, 2015, Aesthetic Advantage along with Nova Southeastern University will be presenting their second annual dental extravaganza in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

This Dental Extravaganza will feature key speakers touching base on subjects such as: Anterior Aesthetics, Dental Implants, Practice Building, Practice Branding, New Materials and High Tech Innovation, Laboratory Communication, Periodontal Procedures, Cadcam, and more.

In order to register please call 212-794-3552,or 954-262-5327 for more information. There will be a tuition cost of $995.00 for Doctors or an early enrollment cost at $695.00. Staff tuition cost $99.00.

Our Key Speakers include: Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Dr. Michael Apa, Dr. Dean Vafiadis, Dr. Jay Lerner, Dr. Brian Chadroff, Dr. Gary Ruth, Jason Kim Lab, Debra Engelhardt-Nash, and Alan Siegal.

We look forward to seeing you at our Second Dental Extrvaganza!

Clinical Instructor Biography: Dr. James Ciancarelli| Hands On Dental Course New York


Dr. James Ciancarelli has over twenty years of experience providing excellent dental treatments in Long Island and prides himself in being one of the best in that area! He graduated from Queens College New York with an honors degree in chemistry and then realized that dentistry was his calling. In 1981, he received a dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania. There, he completed a two year general practice residency at Brookdale University.

A member of the American dental association, Dr. Ciancarelli is also involved with the New York Dental Association and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. These accreditations allow him to offer a vast array of dental plans that has transformed thousands of patients’ lives. An acclaimed dentist, Dr. Ciancarelli’s dental practice is located in Valley Stream. It isn’t rare for people from outside of the Long Island area to travel to his office to obtain his acclaimed service.

In addition to his thriving dental practice, Dr. Ciancarelli is a sought after instructor. He currently acts as instructor at the “Aesthetic Advantage” in New York and Palm Beach, Florida. While he has comfortably reached the pinnacle of his profession years ago, Dr. Ciancarelli is never satisfied. He and his team of highly qualified dental assistants are dedicated to increasing their knowledge by continuing to take education courses on the latest dental care treatments each year.

It is this commitment to excellence that sets Dr. Ciancarelli apart from his competitors. His dental offices are filled with the latest dental equipment and his dental team is constantly updating their existing dental care treatments. His dedication to innovation means that Dr. Ciancarelli offers such popular and modern cosmetic dental treatments like Invisalign invisible braces. He also offers standard dental care treatments like dental veneers and teeth whitening that he ensures are among the most modern offered in the Long Area area.

For more information about dental continuing education call Aesthetic Advantage in New York, NY call 212-794-3552 or visit www.aestheticadvantage.com.

Aesthetic Advantage of New York, NY also proudly serves Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Boston, Rhode Island, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.

Aesthetic Dental Courses| Meet our Instructors | New York, NY

 aesthetic advantage continuing dental education

Aesthetic Advantage is proud to introduce Dr. Dean Vafiadis, one of our highly successful aesthetic dentists and Senior Clinical Instructor to our Aesthetic Continuing Education Courses.

Dr. Dean Vafiadis received his dental degree and prosthodontic specialty training at New York University College of Dentistry. He is currently the Director of the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation CE course at NYU. He is an Associate Professor of Prosthodontics at NYU College of Dentistry. Dr. Vafiadis is a lecturer and clinical instructor at the Aesthetic Advantage Course in the Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry at NYU. He lectures nationally and abroad for NYU Continuing Education department. He has instructed over 7,000 dentists with over 500 programs in the past 14 years. Dr. Vafiadis published and lectured on various computer-based programs, such as computerized dentistry and computerized implants, facial aesthetics and prosthodontic treatment planning, and has advanced restorative techniques for implants, aesthetics and occlusion.

He is the founder of the New York Smile Institute in NY. It is an educational center, full-service laboratory and learning facility, as well as a private practice location for a multi-specialty practice for implant an aesthetic dentistry. Currently he is the program director of the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation CE Program at NYUCD. He is also lecturing for the Continuing Education program at NYUCD, for porcelain veneers and for many districts in USA and Europe. His patient base includes many celebrities, sports figures, fortune 500 company executives, producers, directors and writers in the film industry, executives in the fashion world and world-renowned chefs and restaurant owners. He maintains his private practice with his partners at the Takashimaya Building.

He is also on the advisory board of STEMSAVE.com, World Journal of Dentistry, Dental XP, and the online Journal of Clinical Implants and Advanced Dentistry. Dr. Vafiadis’ primary professional mission is to educate, publish and invent new technologies that will help change the dental profession and patients’ lives.

He is a member of the ACP, AO, AAID, ICOI, AACD and the ADA.

For more information on enrollment in the longest running and most highly regarded hands-on symposium of its kind call Aesthetic Advantage in New York, NY at 212-794-3552. Visit the website at www.aestheticadvantage.com.

Classes available in London, England; Palm Beach, Florids; Manhattan, NY.


Aesthetic Advantage Instructors | Cosmetic Dental Course | New York, NY



Dr. Alvin Neff is a Senior Clinical Instructor at Aesthetic Advantage, the leading school in cosmetic dental courses.  Dr.  Neff is a native Arkansan who was raised in Rogers since first grade. He graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans.

He is committed to staying up to date by completing over 2,000 hours of post-doctoral continuing education courses. He is very active in numerous organizations, including studying under the leading cosmetic dentists worldwide. In fact, Dr. Neff is a Clinical Instructor for Dr. Larry Rosenthal (Dentist to the Stars). Dr. Neff helps teach cosmetic dentistry to other dentists at New York University Dental School and West Palm Beach Florida. He also lectures to local and state dental organizations. He resides on Beaver Lake with his wife, Kathie, and son, Calvin. He is also a nationally ranked competitive water skier.

Enroll today in the nations leading cosmetic dental course, with hands on courses and live patient prep. Call 212-794-3552. Visit their website at www.aestheticadvantage.com.

Courses offered in New York; London, England; Palm Beach, Florida; and Manhattan.

The Aesthetic Advantage Staff | Dental Continuing Education | New York


Dr. George E. Kirtley is presently the only dentist in the State of Indiana to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Kirtley is also accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and at the time of writing is the only dentist in the world to be an accredited member of both the British and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kirtley has the distinct honor of being a March 1999 inductee into the GenR8Next Dental Hall of Fame for his work in smile dentistry. In 2001 he was recognized by nationally syndicated More Magazine as one of America’s top 10 cosmetic dentists.

Dr. Kirtley is the team dentist for the NBA Indiana Pacers. He is a product research consultant for dental product companies and a teacher and instructor for the Aesthetic Advantage Programs at New York University, NYC; West Palm Beach Atlantic Coast Research Center, West Palm Beach, Florida; and University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. As part of his professional instruction, he is also a national lecturer and author of cosmetic dentistry articles published in the leading dental journals: Dentistry Today and Contemporary Esthetics.

His staff is trained with advanced dental techniques to give patients a beautiful smile, often in just two appointments, in a comfortable environment. With state-of-the-art video imaging, he can perfect and preview your ultimate smile prior to beginning dental procedures.

With techniques such as bonding, veneers, contouring, bleaching and reconstruction, changes can be made to create dramatic aesthetic improvements in his patients’ appearance. His goal is to give you the smile you deserve.

To learn more about Aesthetic Dentistry and the Rosenthal Institute to further your dental education, contact Aesthetic Advantage in New York to enroll in their state of the art dental continuum. Call today at 212-794-9600 or visit our website.

Classes in New York; London, England and Palm Beach, Florida

Aesthetic Advantage offers a Head Start Program for new Dentists | New York, NY

dental continuumHere at Aesthetic Advantage it is important to us to help new dentists get their practices off to a great start. By enrolling in our Head Start program we can do just that. This program has been designed to offer recent dental school graduates an exciting opportunity in continuing education.

Participants will be able to review our dental continuum which is headed by Dr. Larry Rosenthal, a pioneer and internationally respected expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry. This is all offered at on-half the rate of our normal tuition!

This provides an affordable way for young up and coming dentists to jump-start their careers and engage themselves in this exciting and rewarding aspect of dentistry. You will listen to lectures and observe our clinic sessions. Up to 15  live cases will be prepared, temporized and seated the following session. This program gives you the opportunity to see if our Aesthetic Program and philosophy is right for your practice.

We only accept the first 10 applicants with each course, so don’t delay in enrolling! Call Aesthetic Advantage today at 212-794-3552. Visit our website at www.aestheticadvantage.com.

The Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry | New York, NY


In November 2002, New York University officially dedicated the Larry Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry in honor of Dr. Larry Rosenthal, a graduate of the NYU College of Dentistry and an internationally renowned pioneer in his field. The Rosenthal Institute is the nation’s first university based program wholly dedicated to fostering continuing education, research, and patient care in current and emerging techniques in aesthetic dentistry.

The Rosenthal Institute also houses NYU College of Dentistry’s continuing education program, which annually attracts more than 4,000 dentists from more than 20 countries, making it the most far-reaching program of its kind in the world.

The Rosenthal Institute has affiliations worldwide as well as within its own neighborhood. One of the Institute’s most important features is that it enables needy patients to receive aesthetic dental procedures at a reduced cost. “I am very grateful to Dr. Rosenthal for his commitment to the creation of the Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry,” said Dr. Michael C. Alfano, Dean of the NYU College of Dentistry. “Dr. Rosenthal’s vision and generosity are helping to create a cadre of aesthetic dentists who can make these important services more broadly available to the general public.”

To continue reading this noteworthy article click here.

Call today to enroll in Dr. Larry Rosenthal’s Hands-On Aesthetic and Restorative Continuum at New York University College of Dentistry’s State of the Art Rosenthal Institute.212-794-3552 or www.aestheticadvantage.com.

A Systamatic Approach to Full Mouth Reconstruction | New York, NY







Restoration of the severely worn dentition is one of the most challenging procedures in dentistry. In order to successfully restore and maintain the teeth, one must gain insight into how the teeth arrived at this state of destruction. Tooth wear can result from abrasion, attrition, and erosion. Research has shown that these wear mechanisms rarely act alone and there is nearly always a combination of the processes. Evaluation and diagnosis should account for the patient’s diet, history of eating and/or gastric disorders, along with the present state of the occlusion. Emphasis must be placed on the evaluation of occlusal prematurities preventing condylar seating into the centric relation position. Behavioral factors that may contribute to parafunctional habits and/or nocturnal bruxism are also important to understand and manage in order to successfully restore and maintain a healthier dentition. Once a complete understanding of the etiology of the dentition’s present state is appreciated, a treatment plan can be formulated, taking into account the number of teeth to be treated, condylar position, space availability, the vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), and the choice of restorative material.

While all occlusions wear to some degree over the lifetime of the patient, normal physiological wear usually does not require correction. Severe or excessive wear refers to tooth destruction that requires restorative intervention. Severe attritional wear can result from occlusal prematurities that prevent functional or parafunctional movements of the jaw. This wear can be seen at the site of the prematurity or on the anterior teeth as a result of the “hit and slide” forward. Restoration of the worn anterior teeth then becomes a challenge as space availability for prosthetics becomes limited. If lengthening the teeth is a goal in order to achieve a more aesthetic smile, then the question of the need to alter VDO subsequently arises.

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Are you looking to increase  your dental knowledge on topics such as this? Do you want to expand your dental education and increase business and your standing in the dental community? Enroll today at Aesthetic Advantage, New York, NY for a state of the art dental continuum education. Call today at 212-794-3552 or www.aestheticadvantage.com.