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The Rehabilitation of a Smile

A 52-year-old male with a laundry list of dental issues visited one of our senior clinicians here at Aesthetic Advantage, Dr. Larry Rosenthal, in hopes of restoring his smile and bite. After a series of tests, ranging from full-mouth visible x-rays to aesthetic/functional wax-up, it was found that he had the following issues:

  • Severe tooth wear
  • Loss of vertical dimension
  • Lack of incisal guidance
  • Premature contacts in lateral excursion
  • UR bridge with pontic
  • Discrepancy in gingival heights
  • Canines in lateral position congenitally missing laterals

Follow Dr. Rosenthal as he transforms his patient’s smile from ceramic crown fabrication to post-op cementation visit. With “a new lease on life”, the patient feels “20 years younger and just loves his smile”. And what is known as The Simple Makeover all happened in less than two weeks.

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