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Using Visual Technology for Case Presentation

close up smile red lipstickThe following article was written by one of our wonderful senior clinical instructors here at Aesthetic Advantage, Dr. Alvin Neff. He explains the importance of using technology for case presentation. If you’ve ever been to the dentist and have been confused by their presentation of a proposed treatment due to not being able to visualize the end results, it may because they haven’t integrated visual technology into their practice.

Dr. Alvin Neff came to the conclusion that integrating visual technology, such as digital camera systems and computer imaging software, leads to increased case acceptance. He believes “a better informed and educated patient results in greater trust”.

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Plasma Brush Painlessly Cleans Out Cavities – New York, NY

Here at Aesthetic Advantage of New York, NY we encourage our students to remain updated on new technology and practices. A new plasma brush is being developed by engineers at the University of Missouri and their research collaborators at Nanova that will make the replacement of fillings less painful and new fillings stronger and more durable. The plasma brush uses creates a chemical reaction that disinfects and cleans out cavities in less than 30 seconds. This chemical reaction also changes the surface of the tooth creating a better bonding for filling material. The use of this brush would reduce costs as well as time, which would be a great benefit for patients and dentists alike. Also, since a tooth can only withstand two or three restorations before it has to be extracted, the use of the plasma brush would make fillings stronger and increase their lifespan. If all studies succeed and FDA approves its use, researchers project the release of the plasma brush as late 2013.

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