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One of the most critical skills a dental professional must learn is to be compassionate to their patient’s dental fears or hesitations when it comes to dealing with necessary dental procedures. They are unaware of what is going on inside their mouth – all they know is that there is pain in there somewhere and they would like you to fix it. It is your job to put their minds at ease in the most basic way possible. One of these ways is to SHOW them what is going to happen through the use of visuals. If they can see what is going to happen and you address all of their questions and concerns, the procedure will go much smoother than if you explain things with technical jargon.

Dr. Albert Neff, Senior Clinical Instructor for Aesthetic Advantage in New York, NY has published the following article on the use of digital photography for case presentations.

“Case presentations that use visual technology can become the integral component of success for the modern-day practice. Our patients must be able to clearly see their existing conditions, understand treatment recommendations, and visualize the anticipated results before they can accept and approve treatment. Historically, dentists have used complicated dental terminology, x-rays, and study models to communicate a proposed treatment plan. Patients were expected to accept recommendations without being able to visualize the anticipated results. Patients often left the dental office confused about treatment recommendations and uncertain about the final outcome.”

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